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Friday Newsletter: February 24, 2012

Friday NewsLetter logo (i)It is another Friday…and the last one in February already!

This week there is some more odd stuff, some things which made me angry and things which entertained to me.

The warning that traffic exchanges will not make you money nearly as quickly as you might like (if at all) is a sobering point to ponder for anyone who might be thinking of opening up their own TE.

Oh no, it’s yet another ‘strange dad’ story!

I really had no intention of returning to this subject quite so soon, but once you find one strange dad story then along comes another.

The latest ‘strange dad’ is a 27-year-old university graduate from northern England.

Bob, who won’t reveal his real name, was born a woman but embarked on a course of hormone treatment and has been living as a man for five years.

He legally changed his name and gender and had been living with his male partner when the couple decided they wanted a child.

Now this is where things start to get a little complicated.

It was decided that Bob would end the hormone treatment which had deactivated his womb and he would attempt to conceive a child with his male partner.

It is not clear whether his partner supplied the sperm, or how exactly the child was conceived but the process worked and now Bob has an 11 month old daughter who was conceived using his own eggs.

Bob has since separated from his partner, who he refers to as the child’s ‘other daddy’ and is now bringing up the child as a single parent.

After discovering he had become pregnant he wrote:

“I’m not the first man to have a baby and I won’t be the last, but we’re not fully accepted and understood yet, there’s still a long way to go.

“I see this as not only a wonderful experience but a really good experiment in a way, seeing from the inside what pregnancy is like. Actually finding out all about it by living it.”

A really good experiment! Awesome.

When Bob broke the news to his family it seems that not everyone was as excited about the ‘experiment’ as he was.

An aunt told him, not unreasonably in my opinion, that men don’t have babies but he seems to have rejected her views as horribly old-fashioned.

He wrote:

“I think it’s a combination of her [Christian] upbringing coupled with her conservatism and her Christianity that’s making her reject the whole notion.
“I really, really wanted to say, ‘If you think that men don’t give birth then answer me this, where did Eve come from’?”

Bob is thought to be Britain’s first male mother but told reporters that he simply wanted to live his life as a “normal father.”

Forgive me but is there anything even remotely normal about anything you have just read?

“I faithfully swear to try the defendant according to the evidence (unless I get bored that is)”

Trial by a jury of your peers is the cornerstone of the British criminal legal system.

Having sat in the press benches of many a criminal trial I would be the first to say that they can be rather dull at times.

But as dull as things can be the process is important and members of the jury generally understand this and do their civic duty without complaint.

However one juror at a sex trial at Leeds Crown Court in the north of England had decided she had enough of listening to the evidence after two weeks.

So she simply decided not to turn up.

The judge ordered police to go to her house to determine the reason for her non-appearance and when they knocked on her door she told them:

“I don’t want to go. I have been there two weeks already and it’s really boring. I can’t be bothered.”

However she did end up back at court later that same day…where she was charged with being in contempt of court.

Come on folks lighten up a bit…

I think, from time to time, we are all in danger of taking ourselves just a little bit too seriously.

We get caught up in the moment and often spend so much time worrying about our online careers that we fail to see the bigger picture.

Sometimes we get caught up in petty, and not so petty, squabbles with other members of the online community and when this happens we get very serious indeed.

For some there seems to be this bizarre unwritten rule that if you do business with one group of individuals then you are automatically the sworn enemy of some other group of individuals.

The whole thing, at times, is all too tiresome.

Time and again members of our online community will fall out with each other and, I suppose, that is to be expected.

Sometimes one or other party will then use social media to bad mouth or smack talk the person with whom they have fallen out.

When this happens it can get very nasty indeed.

I wonder what is the point of it all.

Ought we not worry a little more about how we run our own online businesses before we rush to criticize the way other people are running theirs?

Q: Why would firefighters refuse to save a man drowning in just 3ft of water?

A: Because they had not been on a two-day water rescue course and ‘health and safety’ rules wouldn’t allow it.

In southern England the emergency services were called out after a man falls into a shallow lake after suffering a suspected epileptic fit while feeding swans.

The lake in question was one-and-a-half feet deep at the edges and only reached three feet in the centre.

Now according to eyewitness testimony given to an inquest into the man’s death, he was only 20ft from the edge of the pool when firefighters arrived.

The grandmother who raised the alarm assumed that the fire crew would wade in and rescue him or do something else useful.

Instead they radioed for backup from a team who had completed a special two-day water rescue course on health and safety grounds.

The witness told the inquest:

‘The firemen arrived with the police and I said “he’s only been there five or ten minutes so if you hurry you might save him”.

‘He just said “we’re not allowed” and I said “but that’s your job”.

‘I said to one of the firemen why don’t you go in and he said they couldn’t if the water was higher than ankle-deep.

‘I said “you’re having a laugh”. He said “no, that’s health and safety”.’

Whether the man would have survived had he been rescued earlier is unclear but that is not the point.
The point is how have we got ourselves into a situation where health and safety considerations prevent emergency crews from rescuing a drowning man in a timely manner.
What the fire station watch manager told the inquest gives some indication of the mindset which allows such a situation to develop.
He is reported to have told the inquest:
‘The witnesses told me the body had been in the water for five or ten minutes.

‘There were no obvious signs of life so from that I made an assessment it was a body retrieval and not a rescue.

‘The officers were trained to go into ankle-deep water, which is level one, so we waited for level two officers, who can go into chest high.

‘On of the police officers told me he would like to go in the water and I advised him in the strongest terms not to.

‘A paramedic told me he was level 2 water trained, but when I asked him if he had protective equipment he said no so that was the end of that.

‘The specialist team arrived and three officers went in and removed the body.’

Would it not have been more prudent to at least assume the man was alive and that there was some hope of saving him from the outset?

And one more thing I don’t understand. If a fire crew with ‘level two’ training was required to rescue a drowning man, why were they not the team called out to the emergency first?

Why ‘Simple Stupid’ is Actually ‘Simple Clever’

Take that Tim Linden bloke.

He blogs almost every day.

But he also has a full-time online business run with the TimTech team.

So how do you get fresh content for your blog every day without making the blog your full-time job?


He posts a video asking people what they want him to blog about.

As Tim says in the video:

“Post your questions and I will make a blog post answering them. You get what you want and I get content ideas and we both win.”

It may sound simple stupid but it really is simple clever.

Maybe I should wait a few months, pretend the idea was my own and do exactly the same!

Tim’s blog is here: Tim Linden Blog

Own A Traffic Exchange And Never Make A Dime

I always make a point of attending Randy Ritter’s Avenues to Success conference on Tuesday nights at the TELive conference room.

This week it was a real eye opener.

Jon and Justin from TimTech had some rather blunt news for anyone thinking of opening a traffic exchange.

Their message was simple: “Open a traffic exchange if you never want to make any money online.”

Justin said you should expect at least four years of working long and hard for no income before you could realistically expect any real income to begin coming in.

John said that even good traffic exchanges struggle to make a sustainable income for the owner.

The more I learn about TE ownership the less I understand why anyone would want to own one.

Woman in Texas is shot by a bullet fired from a gun in Mexico

A middle-aged woman walking with a child in a Texas street has been hit by a bullet fired during a shootout between carjackers and police in Mexico.

The 48-year-old woman was hit in the right leg by a .223 caliber bullet which had been fired more than half a mile away in Cuidad Juárez in Mexico.

The bullet is believed to be a stray round fired from a police assault rifle during a gunfight where up to 50 shots were fired.

Border violence has escalated in Juárez in recent years, fueled by battles between rival drug trafficking cartels.

Rounds fired in Mexico have hit several buildings in El Paso including the City Hall, a high school and a university building.

However this latest shooting is the first in recent memory where an El Paso resident was hit by cross-border gunfire.


Shot fired from Juárez, Mexico hits woman in El Paso, TX. © Google Maps

The woman who was hit was a 48-year-old Mexican national who was living in the US.

She was taken to the hospital and treated for the wound, which officials described as a ‘graze,’ the El Paso Times reported.

Murders in Ciudad Juárez have skyrocketed to nearly 2,000 a year as a result of drug cartels vying for lucrative smuggling routes into the USA.

In 2009, the murder rate in Juárez was the highest in the world – about 130 killings per 100,000 residents.

And finally…

Somehow I think this hard drive will never be quite the same again.

Eh Sergio? What do you think?

Hard Drive
That was fun…now let’s try putting it all back together again. Pic: © Sergio Félix/Twitter

Have a good weekend and God bless.

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4 Responses to Friday Newsletter: February 24, 2012

  1. Sergio Felix
    February 25, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    Hey Pat,

    LOL you keep finding strange dad stories man!

    The woman that chose not to go to court because it was boring sounds exactly like me in my elementary school days… of course with time it got interesting. (I think I actually skipped a few days when I faked I was sick… oops!)

    About the social media attacks, I can’t say much because that’s something that just happens everywhere and that’s also one of the main reasons I still don’t dive into the Spanish internet marketing community.

    People ALWAYS fight there and you can see it everywhere. It’s like they don’t want anyobdy else to have success, EVEN if they are already a success.

    On the firefighters event, I know there are major safety rules to be followed even in those situations but still, sometimes breaking the rules is what makes a hero sometimes.

    I can think of dozens of justifications for the firemen not to go into the water but every single time I imagine that scenario, I still can’t believe they would just stand there watching a men drown and do nothing.

    The only thing that brings a little peace of mind is that they claimed the victim did not present any signs of life at the moment but still…

    Love what Tim does and his videos are so… ORANGE. If it was the first time I ever saw him and he told me he’s working for Google in that cubicle, I’d absolutely believe it.

    On a more serious note… there’s this “thing” that happens behind scenes whenever someone offers their free help or knowledge and I honestly can’t understand why.

    Whenever someone says “let me help you, what are you struggling with?”

    (it can be on an e-mail campaign, on a blog post, on a forum, etc)

    People won’t take the offer. Maybe they think it is something without value because it is free? Maybe they assume they know enough and they can get any more help? (I have seen this one happening a lot, yet those people don’t do anything anyway) or maybe people don’t want to succeed?

    And well, many more situations that are still, beyond my understanding.

    About opening a Traffic Exchange, that never crossed my mind. I happen to know a few TE owners behind the Tim Tech guys and I KNOW how hard that is to maintain.

    I believe that for running a successful business (not only a Traffic Exchange) you have to have this burning fire inside for it because otherwise, you’re just not gonna cut it.

    That’s the same for any business and as much as I love TEs, I know I wouldn’t dive in for one.

    If I ever wanted a TE, there’s zero doubts I’d ask the Tim Tech guys and no one else.

    Those damn shootings man, driving me crazy all the time. Cd Juarez is the most nasty place in Mexico when it comes to the drug lords and violence from it.

    Still, we are the second place just behind them and just as a proof of how much violence we have here, just two days ago they killed two persons (at less than 200 feet from where my girlfriend works) on plain downtown on a public parking lot using AK-47′s.

    I’m beyond words for this but you already know how violent this city is and I was going to give you the direct link to the note but it’s really not worth it.

    On a more happy note about that hard drive… lol!

    The only physical fixing I perform on hard drives is electronic board swapping and pin soldering.

    Apart from that, I don’t do anything else.

    If you ever heard of these ‘data recovering laboratories’ before, they use special environment places and the guys working there wear special suits to work on them as well, kind of a big deal and can get very expensive too.

    I took that drive apart and when I finally got to the actual disc, I drew some cool lines with a blade on it and then distributed the parts on different trash cans.

    I’m VERY paranoid with my data and I make sure no one can get access to it.

    I always destroy my hard disks but this was the first time I actually took the time to open them up and do the blade dance.

    (this is part of a de-cluttering thing I have going on, will let you know more about it soon)

    Whew… well that was a big comment!

    Hope you’re doing good Patrick, don’t get too lost and well, speak soon.

    I’m still working a lot on my blog and I’m still not done so I better get back to it, take care and great collection of mini stories again!

    Sergio Felix thinks you may like this post too..Major Blog RevampMy Profile

    • Patrick Griffin
      February 25, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

      Hey Sergio,

      I have people tell me they look forward to the Friday newsletter posts which is great but I have to say I always look forward to your comments on these posts.

      I can’t promise another ‘strange dad’ story for next week but you would never know when the next one crops up. The odd thing is that I am actually not searching for these stories but I just see them and go “oh wow that is so odd.”

      The fireman thing I still cannot get my head round. I mean just because someone appears to be dead from the water’s edge does not mean they actually are dead.

      So why not attempt a rescue?

      When I learned to swim at school we were taught how to drag someone to the side of the pool when they got into difficulty and appeared lifeless in the water.

      If a schoolboy can do this then surely a firefighter could reasonably be expected to do the same.

      We are talking about a still and shallow body of water here not a fast-flowing tidal river.

      You are totally right about many people being put off by offers of free stuff and I think it is because they say to themselves “OK this is free but what is the catch?”

      I think so many people have been the victim of dishonest marketers that when someone comes along with a genuine free offer then many people would rather pass it up than risk having something bad happen to them.

      The shootings…well clearly those narcotraficantes care nothing about human life and when their deadly violence spills over into the innocent population who just happen to be in the way then that is especially sad.

      I think much of this comes down to people not really caring too much about others or the society in which they live and only think of themselves and their own personal gain.

      This applies just as much to the end users as to the drug dealers themselves. Just in the UK alone the use of cocaine is now widespread across all social groups.

      In Europe the UK and Spain have the most users of this drug and use among teenagers is particularly widespread.

      However I doubt that anyone of these people realize (or even care about) the toll of death and misery that has taken place in order for them to put some white powder up their noses for a short high.

      Keep working on the projects you have currently got underway and thanks for taking time out to comment on these posts.

      Patrick Griffin thinks you may like this post too..Traffic Exchange Live: A Critical Review of an Online Melting PotMy Profile

  2. Andrew Stark
    February 26, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Good mixture of stories here.

    Shouting in public is a good way to vent your anger, but it’s rarely the best way to win an argument and will generally backfire and make both parties look stupid.

    Totally agree with the TE ownership, even with a good converting OTO you have to keep on delivering results to keep people buying, and that can become a very difficult job. Almost makes it seem easier to sell a product relating to TE ownership than actually doing it.

    I think the mexican police need to go on health & safety training as hitting someone half a mile away would never happen here in the UK. If we can’t stand in knee deep water then how on earth would they cope with live bullets!

    Andrew Stark thinks you may like this post too..Kermit The Frog’s Top Tip For Online Entrepreneur’sMy Profile