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Friday Newsletter: November 25, 2011.


Friday logoSo it is Friday again which means it is time for my pick and mix of blog posts but this is no ordinary Friday.

Today is Black Friday so there are offers to be had amongst the random helping of my thoughts from the past week or so.

Read these news items all the way through or just choose an item or two which looks interesting. The choice is up to you.

Mall Maps image from MedlMobileBlack Friday Offer (i)

OK here is an offer for USA-based readers who own an iPhone.

My friends at MedlMobile are letting me give three lucky blog readers their Mall Maps Deluxe app for the iPhone.

The app lets you find any mall anywhere in the USA and has been featured on CNN and the New York Times.

You can read more about this app here.

If you want a chance to get the premium version for free, then just contact me here and I will choose three winners at random using

Winners will be emailed their activation codes and will be announced in a future blog post.

However if you would like the free version of the same app then you can get it here:


I knew I would regret this and I was right.

It was with some reluctance that I even made the request to my friend.

Not that is was a particularly onerous request or something which would cause him great pain and inconvenience, it is just that I didn’t really want to do it.

You see I was in a car and would be for some time but I really needed to check my emails.

OK well I didn’t really need to check my emails in the sense that the world would stop turning unless I found out, at that very instant, who had won 500 credits at such and such a traffic exchange.

The point is that I just wanted to check my inbox because, most days, amongst all the tiresome traffic exchange verbiage, there is stuff I need to see.

blackberry keypad

A Blackberry keypad...buttons shown 10,000 times actual size.

So I took a deep breath, cleared my throat (possibly the other way round) and came straight out with it.

“Erm, would it be alright if I just borrowed your Blackberry for a moment to check my email?” I sheepishly enquired.

“Yes , sure, go right ahead,” came the reply.

Now my problem was this…I really dislike using Blackberry mobile devices.

Yes I am an iPhone fan and an Apple fan generally but I don’t dislike the Blackberry because it is not Apple I dislike the Blackberry because I find it almost impossible to use.

I think, all things considered, I would much prefer to attempt to open a can of baked beans with a candle and a freshly laid egg than spend any time trying to navigate my way around this hateful device.

It is the opposite of intuitive. The buttons just don’t do what you would expect them to do from looking at them…and there are so many of them…horrible, tiny multi-function plastic buttons crammed into this ugly plastic rectangle of hatefulness.

When I place my finger on the keypad I can cover nine, or more, buttons at once so when I have to first find and then press a number of them in the right order to type in a URL for example this is hard work.

Also I found myself touching and tapping on the screen out of habit but on a Blackberry all this achieves is to make me look rather foolish.

Now if I had retractable claws like my cat, I suspect this would make the job so much easier.

Got a Blackberry – train your cat to enter data for you.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty, can you help me send a quick email please? Then you can play with this lovely ball of wool?”

kitten playing


Nature is amazing!

Daily Mail screengrab

For more pictures or to read the full Daily Mail article then just click on the picture above.


My Twitter social media experiment worked.

Do you remember my recent Twitter social media experiment?

You don’t? And here was me thinking you paid attention to everything I wrote.

Well basically I challenged the Mountain Dew press team to reply to a request I made to them via this blog and Twitter.

I won’t go into the details now but the result of that challenge plus some top tips from a Twitter using teenager will be the subject of tomorrow’s blog post.

Don’t miss it.


Somewhat missing the point I fear

An offline friend who views my online activities with distrust and suspicion was a little less than understanding the other day when I ran out of disk space with the hosting provider I had used for this blog.

One moment I was updating a post and the next moment I got an error message telling me I could no longer add even a single additional comma, and, as I am sure you have noticed by now, I do like using, er, commas.

When I explained that this was terrible news for a blogger and needed my urgent attention he thought for a second and replied:

“Why don’t you just delete your old posts and then you would have more space once again?”




A musical interlude

blank cd

The real image would have been here!

Without warning a man thrust a music CD into my hand as I walked past him in Queens, New York on Sunday.

“Er, thanks,” I said, totally misunderstanding the exact nature of the transaction which had just taken place.

“Are you going to make a donation? he said as I made to walk away.

“A donation?” I replied.

“Yes a donation. $10,” he suggested.





“No, but I will write about the CD on my blog on Friday and highlight the website and Twitter account,” I suggested.

Alas he declined my kind offer and I returned his CD so even if I wanted to I can’t tell you anything more about it.

However while we are on the subject of music I can tell you the names of my two favorite bands:

(i) Favorite Latin American rock band: La Ley

(ii) Favorite group of all time: Editors.

Their respective lead singers Beto Cuevas and Tom Smith have voices which can touch one’s very soul.

|Author=Pablo)”]beto cuevas

Beto Cuevas. Photo:[ Flickr

tom smith

Editors lead singer Tom Smith. Photo: Wikipedia


Black Friday Offer (ii)

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog then read on…

Blogging is great fun.

It is also great for business.

And personal branding.

And setting out your stall as an expert in your niche.

Encouraging a two-way dialogue on your blog by getting people to want to comment and to want to comment often is also vital.

One of the best tools (well actually the best tool I have ever found) to help with this is the plugin CommentLuv+

It is the best plugin I have ever purchased.

I am going to do a full review of it soon but right now (and only for five more days) you can get an unlimited license version for $67 and pick up some cool bonuses too – that means for one payment you can install it on as many sites as you own.

But given that it is Black Friday I have decided to put my money where my mouth is…buy this plugin using my affiliate link below and I will give you back $10 (directly to your PayPal account) as my own Black Friday discount.

I will also give you a one hour (or two sessions of 30 minutes if you prefer) Skype consultation to help you get the best out of your blogging.

When you make your purchase just send me a message (or friend request) on Skype and I will do the rest. You will have to forward me your PayPal transaction ID for the purchase so I can verify that you bought it via my link.

My Skype ID is griff001

And that is not all…my offer is good right through the weekend until Midnight (eastern) on Sunday night.

The bottom line is that blog readers love to comment on blogs which have CommentLuv+ because it is so rewarding for them. Here are four reasons why:

comment luv scren shot

The CommentLuv Plugin


And finally…(i)

Double Dipped NerdsI remember once reading that most candy (or sweets as we say in England, ‘confectionery’ if you are really posh) is bought on impulse at the point of sale.

Last week while nearing the end of my New York vacation I could not help but make an impulse buy of this nature.

The trouble is that American candy is all new to me and I could hardly recognize any of the names or packet colorings in front of me.

So, as a result, I found myself browsing the candy counter rather like a long-haul airline passenger browses the rows of paperback novels at the departure terminal book store.

And like the airport traveler, I even picked up the occasional packet which particularly interested me for a closer examination.

My search stopped when I found this packet of…Double Dipped Nerds

Double Dipped Nerds of all things.

I could hardly walk out of the store and not buy this on impulse!

If TimTech had an official candy then surely it should be Double Dipped Nerds!


And finally…(ii)  Don’t Miss Out on the Tim Tech Black Friday Offers (iii)

Yes I know I shouldn’t really have two “and finally” items on this post but it is Black Friday so this strikes me as a good day to break the rules.

I just wanted to let you all know that the nerds at Tim Tech (you see it does follow on from the previous item) are having an amazing series of Black Friday offers today…one every hour for 24 hours.

Be sure to check them out:

I, for one, am looking forward to bagging one or two for myself.

Have a great weekend everyone. Take care and God bless.

5 Responses to Friday Newsletter: November 25, 2011.

  1. Jared Silver
    November 25, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    Hey Patrick,

    I had to take you up on that CommentLuv+ offer!

    - Jared
    Jared Silver thinks you may like this post too..Stop Saying You’re GratefulMy Profile

  2. Sergio Felix
    November 27, 2011 at 12:52 am #

    Hey Pat,

    Amazing post like always man.

    You like La Ley? Wow man, that’s funny.

    I like their stuff but I don’t consider myself a fan.

    As a side note: their drummer studied on the same school I went in Mexico City (Academia de Música Fermatta) but enough of this already!

    My girlfriend loves her Black Berry but she understands the power of iPhone already.

    As soon as she got an iPad, she was “I WANT ONE!” and the same happened when she got a friend’s iPhone to play around with it.

    I have a few “top marketing dawgs” as friends on my marketing Facebook account and the other day I saw someone saying something like: “oh but blackberries are so 2005!!”

    I honestly puked a little and moved on.

    (I don’t like that kind of childish expressions about anything but who am I to judge anyway?)

    AS for CommentLuv+ Premium goes, I had to ask a very close friend of mine (great blogger btw) what he actually thought about it and said, look, if you’re serious about interacting with your audience, this is the best thing you can use for enticing comments.

    I can’t say I hate it.

    I absolutely LOVE that plugin and the coder/owner really rocks as a very down to earth guy and programmer as well.

    You just can’t go wrong with it!

    Take care Pat and looking forward to your next Friday compilation!

    Sergio Felix thinks you may like this post too..Overcoming Fear Of Video Creation: 7-Day Challenge SummaryMy Profile

  3. Dana Delany December 4, 2011 at 3:40 pm #

    I enjoy your site – I would like to talk with you about buying ad space here granted you do that. Hit me up at the email I provided and we can talk about, thanks mate.
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