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My Midnight Ambush Means The List Laser 30 Day Challenge Is Live

Patrick Griffin

I had certainly not planned to start Sterling Valentine’s List Laser 30 Day Challenge this way.

Actually, if the truth be told, I had not really planned how I was going to start it at all but in the end I was ambushed.

One moment I was sitting in front of my computer just minding my own business and the next I was broadcasting live on the internet as Sterling told the world that the most talked-about internet marketing event of the year was up and running.

Sterling had not meant it to start that way either. I know that he has put many months of intense work into this marathon List Building event – often working through the night as the countdown timer wound down.

In the hours leading up to the launch he had been running tests of the video streaming software he would use to bring the challenge to a live worldwide audience in the days and weeks ahead.

Then with just five hours before launch he decided to take a little break, to put his feet up and chill out with the Tim Tech guys at their regular Monday T3 training webinar.

He had planned just to listen to Justin, Jon and Larry the Sweeva Guy do their thing but Justin spotted him in the room.

“Sterling Valentine is here,” said the badge creator general, “You could talk about your List Laser Challenge if you want?” (Or words to that effect, I wasn’t taking notes.)

Then things started to go badly wrong. When Sterling got his webcam to work then his audio failed and when he solved his sound problems then the  picture failed again.

Eventually he got both working long enough to charm Justin into agreeing to become one of his Challenge judges and mentors.

Fast forward four hours and Sterling is still battling to solve his sound and vision problems. He calls me on Skype and then does some technical stuff which hooks up my webcam to his live streaming feed. I fire up a second computer only to find a rather bemused and bewildered British marketer staring back at me.

Sterling Valentine

Yes it works...we are live everyone!

Sterling tells me there are 10 people watching this impromptu TV performance and invites me to talk about the Challenge. I explain what it means to me, why I decided to enter and what I hope to achieve.

Speaking the words aloud makes me realize that the day I had been waiting to arrive is finally here and I suddenly feel hopelessly unprepared for the challenge ahead…but prepared or not I am giving this my best shot.

And if you are in the contest too then you must give it your best shot also.

Sterling has got some really top people together to help you build your lists. For the next 30 days they are your list-building team so use them wisely.

Patrick Griffin

Going live...I was honored to be able to help kick-start the List Laser 30-Day List Building Challenge




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One Response to My Midnight Ambush Means The List Laser 30 Day Challenge Is Live

  1. Patrick Griffin
    May 10, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    Sterling, if you are reading this, I have a quick question for you about the Challenge.
    In the screenshot above just why does it say “Winter is here!” in those big, red friendly letters?
    I think we should be told.