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My New England Adventure to Meet the TimTech Nerds – Part Three

Timeline: New England, Wednesday November 9, 2011.

new england tree 118

Today was to be a sightseeing day for me. A day off from shooting videos or discussing internet stuff and Justin invited me to join him on a family trip he had organised to the New England Aquarium in Boston.

We drove to Boston and on the journey I noticed that many of the trees had already lost most of their leaves – I would have had to have come a month or so earlier to see the fantastic colors which brings visitors from around the world to experience the sights of New England in the fall.

However as we arrived into Boston I did manage to shoot the picture of the tree which I have been using as the header shot for this series of blog posts.

Boston view

Blue was a clear sky in Boston as we arrived in the city.

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The aquarium was very interesting. There were a lot of school-children there and the first thing I noticed was that they seemed to be far better behaved than groups of British children on day trips.

In fact it took me a while to realize that there was very little of the usual shouting, screaming, pushing and shoving which accompanies every group of UK children on a day out.

Another difference was that the children at the aquarium actually listened to the staff members when they explained what was going on around them.

One of the most popular exhibits at the aquarium was the Shark and Ray Touch Tank which was a huge hit with adults and children alike.

Here was an exhibit where you could get your hands dirty, well not dirty actually, but you could get them wet and get to touch small sharks and rays in the process.

shark and ray touch tank

Ray to go...getting wet at the shark and ray touch tank

shark and ray touch tank

Just out of reach...this small shark didn't want to be touched

Penguins at Boston aquarium

standing to of the penguins surveys the view

Next up was a look at some penguins and I learned something new.

I thought all penguins lived in very cold places but I was wrong…some like it hot, so to speak.

The penguins at Boston are the ones which prefer temperate climates so you won’t catch a chill when you check out the penguin exhibit.

If you visit with children then once they find the ‘penguin light station’ you will have a hard time dragging them away.

Here you get to shine a bright light, which is shaped like a fish, into the shallow waters where some of the penguins like to play. As you move the light around they will follow with you and try to ‘catch’ the bright fish below them.

I seem to recall that this feature is turned off every so often to give the penguins a rest, otherwise they would exhaust themselves from playing with the light all day long. Ah the joys of being a penguin.


Don't look I'm taking a shower...a penguin takes time to relax.

The aquarium also comes with its very own ER but the Aquarium Medical Center is not the place you want to visit if you fall ill.

While it does come complete with a diagnostics area, an examination room, a treatment room and a  critical care ward, this is strictly for the animals only.

On the day I visited there were no animals being treated but the equipment on hand to nurse sick animals back to health looked really impressive indeed.

medical facility at New England Aquarium

treatment room...part of the medical facility at New England Aquarium

The centerpiece of the aquarium is the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-story coral reef exhibit located in the middle of the Aquarium.

Actually to simply call it a ‘tank’ is something of an understatement. It is 23ft deep, 40ft wide and contains 200,000 gallons of salt water which is constantly filtered and refreshed from Boston Harbour.

In fact it is so big that the tank was put in place first and the rest of the aquarium was built around it.

A spiral ramp around the outside of the tank allows visitors to view the exhibits inside through huge glass viewing panels and once at the top floor it is possible to look directly down into the water below.

Although I didn’t attempt to count them all, I am reliably informed that there are about 600 animals in the tank including sea turtles, sand tiger sharks, barracuda, stingrays, moray eels and hundreds of colorful reef fishes.

Divers are also regularly seen in the huge tank, either feeding the animals, conducting various checks or undertaking routine maintenance.

giant ocean tank

Don't look now but I think there is a huge, fast-moving shark right above your head.

giant ocean tank

Before leaving, I noticed an exhibit of jellyfish in a series of cylindrical tanks and that is the way I prefer my jellyfish…with a protective barrier between them and me.

I shot a quick video of them though and you can see it below:

I enjoyed my day at the aquarium and it was evening by the time we got back to Justin’s house where I was invited in for another cup of coffee from the cat food selection box.

We spent the rest of the evening reviewing the material we had shot yesterday and discussing some plans for the future.

We were still discussing marketing-related matters at midnight, during the drive to the hotel and for the next two hours in my hotel room until Justin decided it was time to call it a night and headed off home.

I then spent another couple of hours working online in my hotel room before finally tiredness got the better of me some time after 4am and I finally went to bed.

Thursday November 10, 2011.

And so on to my final day in New England.

I spent the morning working on my blog in the hotel lobby and at around midday Justin collected me and we drove to Larry’s house for my final get-together with the TimTech guys.

It was decided that Tim and I should record another video – this time on the subject of blogging since we are both keen bloggers and could pass on some useful tips for those new to blogging.

So we mounted a flipcam on a tripod, sat down on Larry’s front porch and started talking.

I knew some of the ground I wanted to cover and I think we had covered most of it by the time Larry’s dog Bentley had decided to take up position behind us and begin barking loudly.

If it was a cue to stop then it worked, and in any event, it has just started raining so it was time to come back inside anyway.

Once again Justin worked his editing magic on what we had shot and the material now forms part of the Blog Mastery section within CTP for upgraded members.

CTP blog mastery

Click Track Profit blog on how to be a better blogger.

And here is a sneak preview of what it looked like in a still from the first video:

Patrick Griffin and Tim Linden record Blog Mastery video series

Patrick Griffin and Tim Linden record Blog Mastery video series

Obviously you are already familiar with my blog but you may also like to check out Tim Linden’s blog too. Clicking on the image below should take you there.

Tim Linden blog

Tim Linden blog

Once inside Larry’s house to shelter from the rain Tim, Justin and I also shot another video about blogging but I am not quite sure what is happening with that one.

However I recall that as we set up the videos in Larry’s kitchen and we were about to start filming, Larry unexpectedly moved one of the cameras to get something out of the fridge and thus ruined our carefully-framed shot.

This is what happened:

And that was very much it for my New England Adventure. A couple of hours later I was sitting on the train headed back to New York for the rest of my vacation.

Thanks to Justin, Larry and Tim for their great hospitality during my stay and for making me feel so welcome…I enjoyed every moment of it.

Finally thanks to you for sticking with me during this marathon three-part series of blog posts as I recalled what happened during those four days in November last year.



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8 Responses to My New England Adventure to Meet the TimTech Nerds – Part Three

  1. Randy Ritter
    January 28, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    Hello Patrick,

    Thanks for an excellent 3 part series on your New England adventure. I have enjoyed it immensely.

    • Patrick Griffin
      January 28, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

      Thanks Randy. I am actually quite sad this series has come to an end…they have been the blog posts I enjoyed writing the most so far.
      Maybe I should start saving for another trip across the pond so I can meet more cool people from the traffic exchange community, have a great time doing so and then get more stuff to write about as a bonus.
      Patrick Griffin thinks you may like this post too..Friday Newsletter: January 27, 2012.My Profile

  2. Sergio Felix
    January 28, 2012 at 6:07 pm #

    Hey Pat,

    Justin: You killed the shot, you couldn’t wait two minutes.
    Lasrry: Yo, what shot?

    Hahaha that was hilarious!

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing all these experiences and I really loved all your narrative through the whole New England series too.

    I know you had a great time with the Tim Tech guys, we had a great time watching you go at it as well.

    About that penguin… it just looks like the ‘guru’ from the movie Happy Feet LOL

    And about the stingrays, I can’t help it but every single time I see one, I remember Steve Irwin (that crazy dude from Australia which loved animals but mostly crocodiles or ‘crocs’ like he said)

    The hammer head sharks are incredibly dangerous and aggressive. I don’t know if that small one was tamed or just friendly because it was still a baby.

    I know you’re interested in my story about not watching TV, I used to watch mostly shows about wildlife, nature, cultures, traditions and all related programs.

    So NatGeo, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc., were all my preferred channels.

    I will let you know more about the reasons I stopped watching TV, is nothing amazing honestly.

    Anyway, great article Patrick, looking forward to see what you bring next now that the New England series are over but I’m pretty sure you’ll figure something out like you always do.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend! ;-)

    Sergio Felix thinks you may like this post too..7 Tips To Connecting The DotsMy Profile

    • Patrick Griffin
      January 29, 2012 at 3:50 am #

      Hi Sergio,

      That video with Larry makes me laugh everytime I watch it.

      Three guys come into his house, set up flip cams on two tripods, sit down at his dining room table and start recording a video and yet he was so wrapped up in what he was doing at his computer that he seems not to realize what is going on.

      Actually Larry is incredibly funny as that video shows.

      I really enjoyed my day at the aquarium and stingrays also make me think of Steve Irwin but I am not familiar with the movie Happy Feet so I can’t picture the ‘guru’ you refer to.

      I would check him out but I am too frightened to…most ‘gurus’ seem to want $1,997 before they will even look at you so maybe I will pass on that. (Maybe I am mixing up my gurus here but one can never be too careful!)

      Thanks for your kind words about these blog posts and I look forward to reading on your blog one day the full story about your self-imposed TV ban.

      Patrick Griffin thinks you may like this post too..AdKreatorMy Profile

  3. Kent Faver
    January 28, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    Thanks as well Patrick. I enjoyed it immensely. Looks like you had great fun and the training we have received at CTP is very helpful.
    Kent Faver thinks you may like this post too..List Building – What is the Truth?My Profile

    • Patrick Griffin
      January 28, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

      Thanks for your comments Kent.
      I am glad you are enjoying the CTP training…I think there is something there for everyone.
      I was delighted the guys asked me to help out with some training.
      There are very few programs out there I would lend my name to…but CTP is most certainly one of them.
      Patrick Griffin thinks you may like this post too..Friday Newsletter: January 27, 2012.My Profile

  4. Paul Caraway UNITED STATES January 29, 2012 at 2:42 am #

    Another very enjoyable read… I think the best part about the 3 part series is it is from a totally different perspective. We see what went on during the recordings.. but this is like a behind the scenes look. Now I like my coffee… especially K – Cups… but out of a Kitty Litter box? ;)

    Thank you for an awesome series!