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Traffic Exchange Live: A Critical Review of an Online Melting Pot

tinfoil tim headshotOver at the Traffic Exchange Live conference room the same set of questions crops up from time to time.

They are usually asked by a newcomer to TELive and take various forms:

“What is this room for?”

“Are we actually going to get any training in here?”

“Is it always like this in here?”

“Why is everyone wearing a tinfoil hat?”

OK so I made the last one up but we will return to the tinfoil hats before too long.

So what is TELive?

Well it certainly has a training element and while sometimes it seems like a day care center, at other times it is almost impossible to define.

It is certainly a place where members of the overall traffic exchange community can come out and get to know each other.

Some use it as part of an overall campaign to raise their brand awareness while, I suspect, most turn up simply to be entertained.

Sometimes it is a place to learn something new, or to pick up some gossip, or a quick marketing tip or a warning about a scam or to let off steam or simply to be entertained as others let off steam.

It can be both educational and silly in the space of a few moments but few would argue that it is anything other than vibrant and alive.

There are times when I take notes because there are new things to learn and there are times when I couldn’t take notes if I wanted to for laughing so loud.

On occasion I am left shaking my head in wonder or despair at some of the things I hear and I suspect there are times when others despair at some of the things I say.

On some days it serves as background entertainment while I focus on other tasks but on other days it demands my full and undivided attention.

There are times when it is utterly mad and one would be forgiven for thinking that the whole online world has gone collectively crazy.

Monday’s TELive was, for me at least, the maddest of the mad and perhaps also the most enjoyable TELive I can recall.

If you missed it you missed a treat. If you were there then you are probably still wondering what on earth happened.

So allow me to recap.

I don’t think many would strongly disagree with me if I said that the TELive community has more than its fair share of eccentric characters.

And whether it is climate change, the state of the world economy, the spending plans of the liberal elite or whatever, things have been decidedly eccentric of late.

On Monday TimTech raised the bar in TELive eccentricity by deciding it was a good time to launch the inaugural session of Tinfoil Hat Tuesday.

It struck me as decidedly odd to launch Tinfoil Hat Tuesday on a Monday…surely it would make far more sense to have done on a Wednesday?

But Monday it was and Justin came online looking like this:

Tinfoil Justin

Head start...Justin shows off his tin foil headgear

Then Tim and his daughters followed suit…

Tinfoil Tim

Family fashion...Tim takes TinFoil Hat Tuesday very seriously indeed.

And not to be out-done Jon joined in the craze…

Tinfoil Jon

standing tall...Jon adds an antenna to his home-made headgear.

While Larry showed off his new hat…

Tinfoil Larry

Custom fit...Larry sports a made-to-measure creation

Then Bill took things one stage further…

Tinfoil Bill

Dapper look...Bill opts for the matching hat and bow tie look

And finally Justin came back for some more…

TinHat Justin 2

Fashionable and practical...Justin shows off the crash hat version of his headgear

Whether Tinfoil Hat Tuesday becomes a regular Monday feature remains to be seen but it certainly added to the fun of TELive.

So the next time someone asks “What is this room for?” I am still not quite sure how to reply.

What do you think?

What is TELive actually for?

I suspect there are no right or wrong answers here.


8 Responses to Traffic Exchange Live: A Critical Review of an Online Melting Pot

  1. Jon Olson CANADA February 23, 2012 at 8:04 am #

    LOL Love it man, great post. And yup, you never know what you will get when you come to TE Live but you will be entertained….You may even learn something. Maybe lol

  2. Robert Maturo UNITED STATES February 23, 2012 at 9:25 am #

    At one time I use to be a regular attendee at TE Live. They change the schedule. It use to be at 3:00pm eastern which was much more convenient for me. 4:00 is difficult to make. The evening sessions I can’t make at all, I have other obligations. I use to enjoy it a lot . Hopefully my schedule will change one day and I can attend more often.
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  3. Sergio Felix
    February 23, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    Hey Patrick,

    Well I was there and I have to say it was one of the most entertaining and fun conferences I have ever attended (not only on TELive but I mean EVERY single conference).

    While we had a lot of fun, also many important business points were addressed and all I can say about it, is that I’m becoming a regular there because I’m getting addicted to their advice.

    I wish I could be there all the times but I am currently building a business so that’s why I join at least a couple of times a day but I always aim for a little bit more.

    It’s one of those rooms where everyone matters, no matter in what stage of your success you currently are.

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    • Patrick Griffin
      February 24, 2012 at 6:27 am #

      Hey Sergio,
      I must agree because it has been so funny of late that you really had no idea what was coming up next.
      Sometimes there is training but I am coming to the conclusion that its main function is not a training zone as such but as a community meeting place.

      Given the chance of TELive or the 90 minute formal webinar where you know its only purpose is to pitch you the latest must have opportunity at “such a crazy price all my friends told me I was insane” then I know which I would prefer.

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  4. Andrew Stark
    February 23, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

    It’s the meeting of like minded people that makes it such a great experience.

    Having fun is all part of being passionate, and sharing experiences about the mindset it takes to start and grow a business. To me the thing that sets TimTech apart from everyone else is this social aspect. If you know and are able to trust the people you buy your advertising from you will get better results.

    Even if you don’t say anything to begin with you should be able to pick up plenty of tips from Justin & Jon.

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