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Why YOU Owe It To Yourself (And To Others) To Be A Leader In Your Community

It is called RRATS. That is rats with two capital R’s. RRATS is an acronym for Randy Ritter’s Avenues To Success; a stimulating, thought-provoking, challenging, exciting, fun, interactive 60 minutes of mindset training in the TrafficExchangeLive webinar room. It takes place every Tuesday at 6pm Eastern and on this week’s show Randy asked the questions: […]

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Simon Cowell’s Plan To Save X Factor Could Also Help Improve Your Online Business

I thought it was time I did a few more video blog posts so here goes. This video is inspired by British entrepreneur, TV producer, music industry expert and X Factor boss Simon Cowell. Cowell, who I believe is currently the lead judge on the American version of X Factor, has recently had some harsh […]

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Joseph Riley Memorial: How A Traffic Exchange Community United In Action

The traffic exchange community is not immune from petty squabbles and disagreements. For example some people say social surfing is the only way to go while others say all this chatter slows down the process and removes attention from the adverts. Sometimes opinions are so polarized within the community that debate can become quite heated […]

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