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When Someone Bares Their Soul on the Internet Must We Really Shoot Them Down In Flames?

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that most of us live in a world where free speech is taken for granted? We can generally say whatever we want about whomsoever we want with absolute impunity. And, oh, don’t so many of love to take advantage of this freedom. Now with the proliferation of social media we […]

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TimTech Expands…ThumbVu Axes ‘Charge Not To View’ Move…Justin Wears Big Hat…More Changes Planned

Over at TimTech it seems that things rarely stand still. They change, they innovate, they make mistakes, they correct mistakes, they introduce new products and they expand their team and their sphere of influence. And this week alone they have done all of the above.

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Go Ahead And Make Mistakes I Am Not Going To Stop You…Just Don’t Touch The Paint

I learned a very important lesson in Traffic Exchange Live yesterday. Justin Ledvina and Jon Olson were talking very honestly and very openly, as they tend to do, about business decisions they had made. It is so refreshing that these guys are able to just come forward and admit mistakes as they are able to […]

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Wow Jon That Was Fast: Speedy Turnaround For Hits, Clicks And Misses (The Amazon Best-Seller)

This post consists of a series of facts, most of which are actually correct. Jon Olson lives in Canadia. Canadia is a country which lies on top of America which is in a place called the United States. Canadia is exactly the same as America except that everything costs more and the people speak French […]

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