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The Tale of The Two Traffic Exchange Owners

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived two traffic exchange owners.

They both planned to set up online membership sites and make an income from selling advertising packages to users.

The first of the traffic exchange owners thought all he had to do was to talk long and hard about his online business.

He reasoned that all the hot air he generated would surely spread throughout the land and  have people falling over themselves to join his new site.

When others tried to give him advice, he would throw back his head and a low, rumbling sound would develop deep within his belly.

It would surge upwards and erupt from his mouth in a loud bellowing laugh, rather like a distant clap of thunder.

Once he had regained his composure he would turn to those who tried to help him and say:

“I have no need of your advice oh foolish ones. My traffic exchange is going to be the biggest and best that this kingdom has ever seen.

“Riches and abundance are sure to be mine and wise men from distant kingdoms will send out envoys to seek my wise counsel.”

As the months passed his mindless chattering continued until the entire community was sick and tired of hearing him speak.

In fact when his site eventually did open its doors, only a handful of people bothered to sign up.

Meanwhile the second owner decided to take a totally different approach.

He was a gentle character with a jovial personality and he set about collecting little trinkets and gifts as he went about his business.

When people heard this they asked:

“Why do you set about collecting all these small trinkets and gifts?”

To which he replied:

“Why, to give them away to others of course!”

Soon people were donating their own trinkets and gifts for his rapidly growing collection, anxious to see what he would do next.

Then one day he set up a small stall in the village square and neatly laid out all his trinkets upon a fine green velvet cloth.

Everyone agreed that his stall looked very nice indeed.

Then for an hour he would amuse the crowds with simple games and he would award prizes from his collection of trinkets.

He did this for several months and then one day he just happened to mention in passing that he was thinking about opening his own traffic exchange.

“Yes, do it! Do it!” the crowd encouraged him.

“And we will help if you would like us to.

“Just say the word and we will tell all our neighbors about your new traffic exchange and they will be sure to join.”

And so his traffic exchange opened to much excitement and more members signed up than he could ever have thought possible.

Meanwhile in a distant corner of the village the other traffic exchange owner was left scratching his head and wondering where it all went wrong.


“Monday Moaning” will be back in its usual slot next week.

42 Responses to The Tale of The Two Traffic Exchange Owners

  1. Jon Olson
    July 23, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    Sir Patrick….This was epic!

    Surely you jest though, it could not be as simple as that….Just showing up and being yourself and not sticking your nose up at the people that have been there and done it? No sir, it can’t be that easy?

    LOL Great stuff man. Love this!!!

    • Patrick Griffin
      July 23, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

      I think that having the right mental attitude is more than half of the battle.
      Also as many seasoned TE owners will attest, the real hard work begins after the initial launch excitement has died down.
      Owning a TE is not one of those “set it and forget it” money making opportunities you see advertised from time to time.
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  2. Paul Brown UNITED KINGDOM July 23, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    LOl now that was a great post Patrick
    Slow and steady always wins the race
    A traffic exchange is for life not just for Christmas :)
    So if it’s something you don’t like doing then please don’t open one expecting the world to bend over backwards to join your site
    If it is something you would like to do then try talking/networking with a few owners there are plenty of good owners out there that will help and you will soon find if you have passion needed to be a traffic exchange owner

    • Patrick Griffin
      July 23, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

      Hi Paul,
      Spot on.
      That is exactly right.
      P.S. I love the ‘not just for Christmas’ analogy you used!

  3. Diana Russ July 23, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    I like this story and it is so true, I won an upgraded membership at one of the smaller non social Traffic Exchanges and while they have a word search (which only worked once the entire time I surfed) and was full of many page not found ( which I rarely see in social sites). It was an overall boaring time for me I will use the credits I won there but will be leaving it shortly once the credits run out.

  4. Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    This post is beneath you, Patrick. Very disappointing that you’d descend to it.

    • Jon Olson
      July 23, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

      Really? I think it’s hilarious and spot on….LOL bravo to Patrick for telling it like it is. People can complain all they want but at the end of the day, this is the truth.

      • Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

        Matt’s a great guy. His new TE is a great TE.

        The reason his new TE launched so well is that Timtech promoted the hell out of it.

        The reason that Timtech promoted the hell out of it is that Matt spent a lot of money with Timtech.

        Gary’s a great guy. His new TE is a great TE.

        The reason his new TE didn’t launch quite as well is that Timtech didn’t promote the hell out of it.

        The reason that Timtech didn’t promote the hell out of it is that Gary didn’t spend a lot of money with Timtech.

        There’s nothing at all wrong with “pay to play.”

        There is something wrong with wrapping “pay to play” in sanctimonious kum ba ya “it’s the commuuuuuuunity” crap.

        Real communities don’t threaten ad ostracize anyone and everyone who doesn’t toe the “leaders’” line. Cults do.

        • Jon Olson
          July 23, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

          LOL Grumpy much?

          No not at all…But I’m sure that’s how you wanna spin it.

          Matt’s TE was promoted because Matt didn’t go into TE Live every day for a year and say ‘my TE is going to be the greatest thing ever’ and then take eons to launch it.

          Matt didn’t have any excuse bugs. He didn’t say I can’t do this, I can’t do that. He just did it.

          Did he buy badges? Sure he did…Does that guarantee that TimTech will promote you? Not at all, ask the dozens of other TE’s that buy badges that don’t get the push we gave Matt.

          There are people that spent much more than Matt that didn’t get the push we gave him….Sorry Tom, but there are much bigger reasons we promote stuff. And I know this might hurt your ‘cult’ argument, but it’s rarely for money.

          It’s for loyalty and actually not back stabbing us. Which other have done since the beginning.

          • Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 3:19 pm #

            Not grumpy at all, Jon! As a matter of fact, having a great morning. And I’m not interested in “spinning” anything. I’m just very, very disappointed that Patrick would stoop to the level of this post.

            Believe it or not, I may be the closest thing to a defender that Timtech has left outside of the cul … er, “community.” I’m still insisting that you’re not necessarily bad guys, and that there’s a chance y’all might correct your cranial/rectal inversion and get back to walking the walk you love to talk.
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        • Matt Baker UNITED STATES July 24, 2012 at 12:18 am #

          Yeah… TimTech certainly helped to promote my site Thomas, but so did the folks that have gotten to know me over the past several months in TE Live. I am all for giving credit where credit is due so let us not forget all the others in this community who have taken the time to help me as well.

          I would have to disagree with you in saying that “The reason his new TE launched so well is that Timtech promoted the hell out of it”. Fact is the launch went well because TimTech, The TE Community and Matt Baker promoted the hell out of it.

          You also said “The reason that Timtech promoted the hell out of it is that Matt spent a lot of money with Timtech”. Once again, I have to disagree. As a matter of fact my spending has been minimal at best over the past several months as I have hoarded my TE credits and spent money on the TE script, plugins, design and other mods. I did recently buy badges for the site and I saved in a huge way as I took the three for one deal offered during Bill’s birthday. I had always planned to have them as well and would have paid full price if need be simply because they make good business sense at this point in time and I am sure they will continue to be a good decision.

          Last week I watched as the rumors flew about JV accounts and special deals I made, this week it has moved to the amount of money I have spent. In reality there are zero JV accounts on my TE, no special deals and I seriously doubt that I have spent any more money with TimTech than most do on average. Every single TimTech member who has an upgrade paid for it, same as other upgraded members and the commission structure is the same.

          It is so easy for folks to assume whatever they like and they are free to do so, but so many people are so far off base with these assumptions. If anyone has been paying attention, I have been working my rear end off trying to add value to the industry, to entertain folks and I have really been putting it out there. Those who have truly paid attention to me understand that I am providing all of these things and they have all decided to help me as they see fit.

          The launch has been a success I do believe, not just for the number of members that have decided to join, but because so many in the community have shown so much confidence in me and this new traffic exchange. Now the launch is over and I have to continue to work my rear end off just as I have to keep that very same confidence that so many have shown for me.

          P.S. You are more than welcome to continue choosing to believe that the work I have done has had no meaning and that the TimTech crew only chose to help for the almighty dollar. Simply put… It is not true at all my friend.

          Yours sincerely,
          Matt Baker

          • Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 24, 2012 at 12:34 am #


            If you think I “believe that the work [you] have done has had no meaning,” then you didn’t read what I wrote.

            As simply as I can put it, any allegory that leverages your wholly deserved success for the purpose of implying that Gary is “scratching his head and wondering where it all went wrong” is a false portrait not just of him but of you as well.

            As far as “spending a lot of money” with Timtech is concerned, we obviously have different ideas of what “a lot” is. Even at 3 for 1 (a deal I took advantage of myself), 16 badges is $200 and change, not including tiering ($47 a month or $247 lifetime). I consider that a lot of money.

            I don’t consider it a bad thing that Timtech would go out of its way to promote a good customer, or not go out of its way to promote a non-customer or smaller customer, or even that it would wrap the rewarding of good customers in the flag of “community.” But “non-customers or smaller customers are left scratching their heads and wondering where it all went wrong” is a bridge too far, especially when it’s also wrapped in that “community flag,” and falsely so.

            • Matt Baker UNITED STATES July 24, 2012 at 1:03 am #

              I see no names in his post. At least I did not see any names until you and Gary decided to add some. I do not know enough about Gary to draw a conclusion that this post even resembled him in any way. I read the post as I always do read Patrick’s Monday Moaning post and found it to be entertaining and informative, but then, as I have been noticing a lot of lately some folks decided to turn it into something entirely unintended in my opinion.

              Thomas… I have said my peace and I am moving on from it. Gary… I hope you decide to do the same. Patrick… As always, I enjoyed your post.

              All the best,
              Matt Baker

              • Patrick Griffin
                UNITED KINGDOM
                July 24, 2012 at 5:02 am #

                Hi Matt,
                Thanks for injecting some much needed sanity into this conversation.
                As you quite rightly said I mentioned no names in my story for one very good reason…the two people in my story don’t have any names.
                I did not give them names. They are not real people.
                If people recognize themselves in the post then so be it.
                Is it so hard to understand that a story can be inspired by real events and yet remain, just that, a story?

    • Patrick Griffin
      July 23, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

      Hi Thomas,
      I am sorry that my post disappointed you although, for the life of me, I cannot understand why you would think it “beneath me.”
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      • Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 5:44 pm #


        Here’s why I think it’s beneath you:

        1) It tells a story that’s almost, but not quite, true in several respects;

        2) For the purpose of putting someone down.

        You’re usually very honest, and you’re usually very positive. In this case, you missed the mark on both attributes.
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        • Patrick Griffin
          July 23, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

          I am not putting anybody down.
          It is for exactly that reason that I wrote the blog post in the style of a children’s fairy tale.
          I think there is a lesson to be learned from the different approaches I highlighted and that was the primary reason for writing the post.

  5. veronica Smith UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 5:26 pm #

    I agree with Tom this is way beneath you Patrick. If I had a traffic exchange I would NEVER, NEVER, want Tim Tech to promote it.

    I associate with people that are not underhanded, spread all kind of rumors to bring sites down. I saw first hand how they treat people. Cancelling people accounts because they didn’t agree with them, wouldn’t pay certain people for the work they did. If you had a lifetime account do you think they would pay you back for it.

    WHo would want to support TEguys what they have become, spying on TE owners private chats. You might think I am a little fish in the pond, but I decide want I want to do, No one tells me that I can’t promote a sites.

    I have seen good friends turn their back on their friends because they think Tim Tech can push their business forward. That is no Friend. Friends are no matter what.

    • Patrick Griffin
      July 23, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

      Hi Veronica,
      If I had a traffic exchange I would most certainly want TimTech to promote it so I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this point.

    • Jon Olson
      July 23, 2012 at 5:56 pm #

      Veronica – Interesting, don’t know any rumours we have spread but I’m sure you have some theories. I’d love for you to judge my company on how we treat you, not on what other’s say we have done…

      As for the cancelled accounts, you know one side of the story. And we are grown ups so hopefully you don’t base your opinion on one persons beliefs. It had nothing to do with ‘not agreeing’ with anyone. It’s called back stabbing which these people live to do.

      But here’s the funny thing…How on earth can we ‘spy’ on private chats….That’s an oxymoron.

      Good friends? That entire group turned their back on us when TimTech put thousands of people in their business.

  6. Paul Caraway UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with people… if we agreed with everyone in the world we would not have a choice… it would be ran more like a dictatorship. I think the story is pretty accurate. There are 2 ways to do business… you can build relationships that are viable and genuine. You don’t take what someone creates and claim it is your idea.. .you have to give credit where credit is due. For me that is critical in business. There are laws in place that enforce that type of behavior. For example it is against the law to copy a song and claim it as your own. I am not a lawyer but I do know if you plagiarized a report in class in school you were given a zero. So making your self unique and setting yourself apart is the key in any business. KRM has been successful in doing that so has TimTech. Sometimes what I do see happens is a “craze”… that is so true with the same basic software… for example the LFMTE script a Traffic Exchange can use… if you don;t create your own unique look and feel and games you will look just like the next guy. The same is also true with the Ventrino script used by some traffic exchanges. So in short… set yourself apart… make yourself look and feel unique. That is the key…. I promoted Matt for example because I like Matt and what he has done. His show is a lot of fun and no matter what community he is in does not matter. I like Matt because of what he has done! He will be successful because he has set himself apart and that is the key to his success!

    Thank you for creating an article that helps folks get engaged Patrick. Even if a person does not totally agree with the story it does not matter… you were simply trying to entertain folks with your story. This scenario is true with many traffic exchanges. My traffic exchange for example is no where near the caliber that Matt has… I have learned a lot on what to do to make it successful. A new design is in store and more interesting and fun games are a definite must to have! That is one thing that Legacy Hits has really excelled at!


    • Jon Olson
      July 23, 2012 at 6:29 pm #

      Fantastic comments Paul – completely agree

    • Patrick Griffin
      July 23, 2012 at 6:40 pm #

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for such a well-reasoned reply and I am glad to be able to give people the opportunity to express a diverse range of opinions and views.

    • Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 6:48 pm #


      I have to assume that with this:

      “You don’t take what someone creates and claim it is your idea”

      You are alluding to Timtech’s claim that James Dias “stole our code” for stickers (a claim which gets softened, upon challenge, to “he knew our plans for badges and it’s unfair of him to go off and create a similar system”).

      Let me start off addressing this by saying that I genuinely believe that the Timtech guys genuinely believe that Dias stole their code, or something similar.

      However, I also believe (on the basis of having had to work with the code in question) that the Timtech guys are incorrect in that belief. Let me be specific, and then general.

      First, it is quite simply not the same code. It has different features (for example, Timtech’s code keeps a claim count for admin use, while Ad One-Ten’s doesn’t; Ad One-Ten’s code allows the user to generate unique claim codes, a feature not found in CTP badges). When I went to get stickers installed on my traffic exchange, the script owner demurred, saying he would have to do a bunch of custom coding … but he installs badges. If it was the same code base, it would be five minutes’ work to port the customization to stickers. I can’t imagine him turning down a nice installation fee if it was an easy port.

      The only real argument I’ve heard for the code base being stolen is that sticker claim pages, like the default badge claim pages, have an orange background. I suspect that the reason for orange by Timtech is that Tim Linden really likes orange. But I can’t fail to notice that Dias’s big primary product is IT, which he owned long before any of this happened, and which also emphasizes orange backgrounds. That’s a weak thing to hang a claim on.

      That’s the specific angle: In my carefully considered opinion, Dias didn’t steal Timtech’s code.

      Now, to the generalities:

      1) If Timtech didn’t want Dias to compete with them when he left Timtech, they could have required a non-compete agreement as part of their original relationship. Apparently they didn’t.

      2) If Timtech believes that Dias is in possession of “stolen intellectual property,” there’s a legal process for resolving that claim. But the fact is that CTP badges, while innovative in niche application, are nothing like a new idea, and Timtech doesn’t pretend they are. They admit that they are drawing on past products themselves (and in fact there are active patents that they should probably hope the holders — including some huge players in Internet commerce — don’t attempt to enforce). Is there some particular reason why all product ideas must stop at Timtech’s door, and anyone who does something similar is the bad guy?

      When I first heard the stories of Timtech taking away products that people had purchased and downlines that paying customers had built, I discounted those stories on the “there’s two sides to everything” doctrine.

      Then I found myself in the middle of — pardon my French — a shitstorm of rage about me buying a product Timtech didn’t think I should buy … and was publicly threatened by a Timtech employee with, whaddayaknow, having products that I’ve bought from Timtech and paid for taken away. That puts a very different cast on those stories, at least for me.

      It also makes me nervous that I could lose things I’ve paid for and continue to pay for, especially since Timtech seems to construe “Terms of Service” as “whatever we feel like doing” rather than as “what we’ve put in writing.” The CTP Terms of Service, for example, are a cut and paste from StartXchange (they even forgot to change the name in at least one place), and have no provision whatsoever for confiscation of purchased goods for doing business with a “blacklisted” person.

      I like the Timtech guys. I love Timtech’s products. But these are serious issues. Bluster isn’t going to make them go away. The only thing bluster drives away is customers.

      • Paul Caraway UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 7:20 pm #

        hmmm… interesting how you assumed I was talking about something when I was not… I was simply referring to something totally unrelated. I know another owner who has has their graphics stolen from their website. They have a Ventrino website and are not part of neither the Badge or Sticker community.

        Thank you,

        • Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 7:23 pm #


          Well … sorry about that. I guess it goes to the old saying about what happens when one assumes ;-)

          • Paul Caraway UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 7:46 pm #

            Thank you Tom… so many times what is stated in Black & White is misinterpreted or as you stated assumed. I have bit by that same bug many times! :)We are not all perfect… well I at least speak for my self there! I have learned so much since I launched my TE several years ago.. doing it the right way is key! Getting to know the TE community is key… other owners can help you with your mistakes. I have also been preyed upon by others as well… none of which you or anyone has brought up in this posting. What Patrick is saying is only a story… and unfortunately a story that is repeated over and over. How many new Traffic Exchanges are you seeing popping up when you surf? If they are less than 1,000 I sure hope they have a mentor to help them! Even over 1,000 as far as that goes… If you want to be successful you have to find someone that is successful in what you want to do. You can’t learn success from someone that has not had success!

            Thank you,

            • Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 7:57 pm #


              Well, here’s the thing: Of the identifiable “sides” involved in all of this, I prefer to think, and am trying very hard to believe, that nobody is intentionally preying on anyone.

              There are some people on each “side” who are convinced that the other “side” is a gang of dishonest people.

              My own personal experience with both “sides” has been that there are good people in both places who make mistakes — mistakes in how they do things, mistakes in how they perceive others — just like everyone else.

              It would be very easy for me to fall into that. In fact, I think I did for awhile, being “with” one “side” and just treating the other “side” dismissively. But I got to know some people on the other “side,” they treated me honestly and well …

              … and then some people on the “side” that I had been “on” had a conniption over that, and some of them (including one of my genuine heroes) said some things to me that tended to confirm the other “side’s” claims.

              I agree that there are bad people out there, and I know it’s too much to expect for all the good people to always get along or like each other. But this cycle of argument and ostracism isn’t good for anyone’s business, nor does it lend itself to the kind of positive attitudes that let a person proceed in confidence and sleep well at night.

              • Paul Caraway UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

                Just for clarification my reference to being preyed upon was by someone not apart of any of the communities discussed… it happens in any industry. It’s “Part of Life”… I also will not state who it is either! It is in bad taste to do so… but, some folks assumed i was referring to someone… they were wrong.

                You are correct in saying it is not good business to keep “stirring the pot”. Part of the “pot stirring” or mud sling is not even from the people involved in the dispute. Some folks just like to cause trouble… that is what they enjoy doing. One of the first comments I remember was posted on the front page of a website stating that x person did this because of that… All hear se … It’s not my business to tell folks to keep there comments to themselves… but, I wonder way someone would do that. Is it because they don’t care about the whole Traffic Exchange community. They sure gave me a bad impression about there business and in fact it made me question the person they talked about even more! The mud slinging should STOP! It is bad for business and personal growth!

                If you want to assume Patrick was talking about Gary or Matt that is your choice… but to do it to try to win favors or win over a community it won’t work. Patrick has very valid points in his message… as he has repeatedly stated the characters are fictious yet people want to make them appear differently. Is it because they do not like Patrick… is it because they do not like Gary… is it because they do not like Matt… or is it because they don’t like anyone that has succeed and anyone that is struggling is simply the victim.

                I have struggled with my Traffic Exchange for years… I am not blaming Patrick for writing about me. I am talking responsibility for what I did. I made the mistake of allowing someone else to do things I should have been doing. That person is now out of business altogether. Have I blamed them publicly by name… No… I will not do it either!

                In short, there is a lesson in this post… it is up to each person to decide what they should do about it. Not up to me, Patrick, Tom, Jon, Marlene, Gary, Matt, or anyone else but yourself! I have made some choices based on what I believe i should do! I launched my website similar to Matt’s. No big hoopla… no JV partners… pretty much unannounced. I did not want to be tagged like Matt is being tagged right now as a “villian” for doing a great job!

                Thank you,

                P.S. Sorry Patrick for the reference to my website… not trying to spam… but, i believe it is key to my point. If you feel otherwise I do understand.

                • Thomas L. Knapp UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 8:56 pm #


                  Has anyone tagged Matt as a “villain?” I hope not, and I especially hope it wasn’t me. I like Matt. I like Matt’s TE. I wish him every success.

                  But: Let’s not embarrass ourselves by pretending that Patrick’s allegory might be based on characters other than Matt and Gary. They clearly are the people on whom the allegory is based, and it’s insulting to the intelligence of the reader to pretend otherwise.

                  And from that fact, it is reasonable to discern certain discrepancies in Patrick’s narrative. There are missing characters and events, and the gap in outcome between the two main characters is … well, let’s just say “overstated.”

                  To wit,

                  1) Matt’s TE had some extra help from those missing characters that Gary’s didn’t. Nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t in any way diminish his accomplishment. But it was certainly a factor; and

                  2) There is no “where it all went wrong” to wonder about with Gary’s TE. He launched it differently than Matt launched his, with different initial results, but it is a going and growing concern.

                  Hopefully both TEs will live happily ever after!

  7. marlene moore July 23, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    well seems how this is in a fairy tale type story way when I first read the part about hot air and bellowing my first thought was of the ones who think they are kings over the whole land. When you mentioned trinkets the first thing that came to mind was all the trinkets that the ones who think they are kings have stolen from the ones they seem to think are there peasants.

  8. Gary Calvert II UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    Yes Patrick, you are putting me down. You’re telling outright lies about me. I never thought Supersonic Traffic would be the greatest TE ever, I was just hoping it would be. And I took advice from everyone in that room too. I thought you were really a nice guy, I guess not.

    • Patrick Griffin
      July 23, 2012 at 7:34 pm #


      The story as told in my blog post today is just that…a story which is why it starts with the words: “Once upon a time in a land, far, far away…”

      The events which unfold in that story are events which I made up – it is a work of fiction; although the inspiration for the story did, of course, come from real life events and I am happy to make this clear.

      While I think you could have handled the launch of your TE a little better that does not mean I am putting you down.

      I wish you all the best with your online endeavors.

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      • Kaye Towne July 24, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

        NO Patrick your stories are not stories they are altered versions of the TRUTH this isnt the first time you have edited real events and tried to claim you MADE up a story. IF you were a Real Talented Writer you would be able to right Truthful Quality Posts but you cant. All you do is write gossip and crap and make a fool of yourself.

        To each their own I guess but I prefer being a REAL HONEST Person and not some FAKE LIAR and Ill keep on keeping on while yall continue to drive people away.

        The internet is a HUGE Place and No One NEEDS Anyone Special Person Or Group to Support them in order to Succeed.

        I wish both Gary and Matt Success but I didnt join ONE of those 2 sites for a good reason and it had to do with How I was Treated by that owner and the people he now works with AFTER I was very nice to him and helpful. Which I wont do again for that Owner.

        However, the owner that I have seen going around helping others and being nice and participating with both Owners and Members is the ONE that has my support and that I have chosen to work with.

        Those that do wrong by others have to live with their own conscious mine is free n clear

        • Kaye Towne July 24, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

          ooopps type “right”=write little tired after my fun vacation this weekend :)

        • Patrick Griffin
          July 24, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

          Dear Ms Towne,

          As a regular reader to this blog, welcome back and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment here today.

          I am so pleased you find the content I work so hard to provide, thought-provoking and interesting, although perhaps, at times, you struggle to fully understand the points I make with my posts.

          I think people, from time to time, tend to be a little unfair to you.

          Some say you are rude, hot-headed, quick to judge, argumentative and bad tempered.

          I, on the other hand, find that you exude reasonableness and restraint with every breath you take.

          Kind regards,

          Patrick Griffin thinks you may like this post too..The Tale of The Two Traffic Exchange OwnersMy Profile

  9. Barbara DelGiudice
    July 23, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    I like your story Patrick. It’s really cute and true. :)
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  10. The Real Gary Calvert UNITED STATES July 23, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    I am not going to whine like my son did, but tell you the straight facts.
    Gary’s chief adviser in this endeavor has been me. While we did have some missteps in getting the site launched, initially; the site is very active and continually growing. We have had several people comment that they are getting better results using SST than any other site that they are currently a member of.
    So, while G2 may not have the largest exchange and achieved the biggest numbers during his launch, the site is fulfilling its primary goal, which is to generate quality traffic for its members.
    What qualifications do I have? I have built very successful businesses both offline and online for the past 38 years (yes I was 10 when I started my first offline business).
    I created a two-million dollar/year business just a few years ago, that I gave up so that I could spend more time with my two sons and instill in them the values of self-reliance and entrepreneurship.
    When you create your first multi-million dollar business, I guess then you will have room to criticize and give advice.
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  11. Andrew Stark
    July 24, 2012 at 11:13 pm #

    It’s just a story in the same way as the tortoise and the hare. It’s written to highlight some stereotypes but in a way that will educate you based on what you believe is the right answer.

    Great post Patrick, and if both owners continue to promote their business hard then they will get to the same place at the same time. The best comment here is from Paul Brown, let’s see where both owner are in a year’s time.
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    • Patrick Griffin
      July 24, 2012 at 11:49 pm #

      Hi Andrew,
      You get it completely.
      I was thinking of a year from now when I wrote this post.
      Someone reading in a year’s time should be able to take exactly the same message from this post as someone reading it today.
      It does not matter one jot whether people think they know the people behind the story or not and that is why I wrote it the way I did.

      But seeing as so many commentators have referred to two specific traffic exchange owners I will do the same.
      My view here is exactly the same as that expressed by Paul Brown and endorsed by you…the launch is the easy part…keeping the TE alive is where the real work comes in.

      So to Gary Calvert and Matt Baker – as the owners named by others in this blog post – I sincerely wish both of you the very best with your respective online businesses and that you both grow and flourish in the months ahead.

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